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Estate Planning

Louisville's Knowledgeable Estate Planning Attorney with over 35 years of legal experience.

Estate Planning is the process of planning the distribution of an individual's estate upon death. The process includes creating legal documents such as Wills and Trusts to distribute an individual's property.

A complete Estate Plan usually consists of a Will, a Trust if needed, Living Will with Health Care Surrogate designation, and a Power of Attorney.

Our Estate Planning services can help you evaluate which Estate Planning tools would be the most effective choices in order to achieve your goals while taking into consideration your unique personal factors such as your personal goals, the size of your estate, various family dynamics and budgets.

David has a well deserved reputation as a caring and knowledgeable attorney who approaches your Estate Planning needs with dedication, care and concern.

Other Estate Planning Areas

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney allows an individual to make legal decisions on behalf of another party. These documents can be used when a person is unable to appear or act for any reason, or becomes unable to make decisions for his or her self.

Pre-Nuptial Agreement

These are agreements between a couple prior to marriage that spell out their wishes about distribution of their assets should the marriage dissolve by divorce or death.

Guardianship or Conservatorship

We help individuals file petitions for guardianship or conservatorship for minors or disabled or elderly adults.

Living Wills and Health Care Surrogates

Why do I need a living will? A living will is also known as an advanced directive. It designates an individual to serve as your health care surrogate, who will make health care decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so. It also specifies your wishes regarding life support and food and water if you have been found to be in a terminal condition, as defined by Kentucky Statute.

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